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Relationship with God can’t be defined by biology, says SC

While ending years old practice that banned women between the age of 10 and 50 from entering Sabarimala Temple, the SC asserted that femininity should not be a constraint in relationship between human and God. It sai.....

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Richa Singh – The IIT graduate who saved atleast 70,000 people from committing suicide

We all are bound by societal norms in some way or the other. Some cope well with the rules, yet some break down. Emotional stress and mental illness are the reasons for most people. The social stigma attached to ment.....

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Adalia Rose – The cheerful little diva who is an inspiration to the world

Life is full of surprises. Sometimes it’s good, but sometimes, it’s so bad that we may be asking ourselves ‘why me’? But a little girl, just 11 years old, is showing the world how to live with.....

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Arpita Ganesh –A Self-taught entrepreneur who gifted Indian women ‘Buttercups’

Today’s women know what they want and they believe they deserve the best. They have the knowledge and the confidence that was missing in the women of the older eras. Technology has facilitated a lot in empoweri.....

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