Why Traveling Solo Might Be The Best Thing A Women Can Do
Blog By Chitra Ramachandran | Aug 08 2018

Unlike the olden days, a lot of women travel alone or in groups. It is a new upcoming trend among modern women. There are a lot of women travel blogs that are truly inspiring. A few safety and precautionary steps are to be taken into consideration while travelling alone:


A proper research about the destination should be given utmost priority.


  • All travel documents as per the government rule is important.


  • Arrival at your destination should be during daylight due to safety issues.


  • Carry a map of the area you wish to travel.


  • Stay alert and always be in public.


  • Register with the nearest police station as a tourist.


  • Always remember to keep your passport, phone and wallet with you.



  • Remember to carry emergency medicines.


  • Trust your gut, if you feel something is not right.


  • High risk of harassment and rape cannot be ruled out.


  • Do not be hesitant to spend more on safety.


  • Inform a close friend or relative about your daily routine.


  • Travel insurance is a must.


  • Avoid travelling alone at night at unknown places.


Travelling alone is indeed fun filled and adventurous. Though risky at times, it increases your self confidence and self-esteem. The best part of travelling alone is that you get to know more about yourself. And once that is attained, you will discover the feeling of following your inner voice. Acclimatisation to different and difficult situations, you come out of your comfort zone and be a better person. So, ladies out there, pack your bags and travel alone at least once to get the feel of it.

Blog By Chitra Ramachandran

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