Sushmita Sen – India’s Pageantry Pride
Blog By Sunandhini | Jul 30 2018

To be the first Indian to have been crowned Miss Universe, at the mere age of 18, is no ordinary feat by itself. There has been no stopping this Powerhouse of a woman, ever since.

A connoisseur of arts, she went on to give very many stellar performances in movies, not to forget the inclinations towards poetry. Ms.Sen, at the age of 25, fought for her rights, as a single mother, and stood her ground until she was permitted to adopt and welcome home, a baby girl. She adopted another girl child in 2010.



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She was honored at the Mother Teresa Awards in 2013, for her contribution to social causes. Her long list of accolades don’t come to play, when we consider why Sushmita Sen is worthy of our awe and fascination. We simply owe it to the fact that Ms.Sen inspired millions of women to aspire to be more than the ‘quintessential beauty’; she inspired us to be confident, to celebrate one’s self, and to grow wiser. Cheers to this single mom who exudes confidence and grace.



Blog By Sunandhini

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