Priti Patkar – The Godmother of Night Shelters in Red-Light District Mumbai
Blog By Sunandhini | Aug 04 2018

Priti Patkar is an Indian Social worker and Human Rights activist who initiated the efforts to rescue women and children, who are subject to commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking in Mumbai’s Red-light district. In 1986, she co-founded the NGO, Prerana; an organization that has extended support to several children and women by establishing viable Night shelters in the heart of such areas in Mumbai.

To witness intergenerational trafficking on the streets of Kamathipura is the incident that drove the gold medalist from Tata Institute of Social science to forego a thriving formal career and dedicate her efforts towards building Prerana.


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Although there are no official records available, readings suggest that close to 40% of the flesh trade in these areas included children. This shocking revelation ascertained the basic model of the NGO, which aims to provide safety and wholesome development to children and offer counseling to women and children.

Considering the controversial nature of affairs, Priti did face several challenges like negative publicity, school drop-outs, to find volunteers, who were willing to interact with sex workers and their children, and so on. It should be noted, however, that none of these issues harnessed the reach of the organization. Prerana boasts of several children who have completed their education, earned good jobs and have rescued their mothers. The organization is considered a blessing for those women who want their children to lead better lives than they did. In 2017, over 12,000 children had benefited specifically from the Night Care Centre (NCC) program, instilled by Ms.Patkar.



Blog By Sunandhini

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