Meghana Dabbara, The Teenage Visionary
Blog By Chithra Prabhakaran | Jul 31 2018

Nineteen is an age when most teenagers have dreams of owning a perfect pair of clothing or jewellery or earning money to spend for joyful outings with friends. But not Meghana Dabbara. At this age, Meghana dreamed of making the world a better place and was busy transforming the lives of underprivileged children.

Meghana, along with three other girls, had started an NGO ‘Make the World Wonderful’ in 2015. Since then she has completely changed the lives of around 50 children living in a residential schooling shelter opened by them, where the kids are taught to be good human beings through value based education.

They are inculcated with moral values such as sharing, kindness, integrity, gender equality, secularism etc. The children are raised to share and care for each other and to empower them to live in harmony.

The children are moulded to become broad-minded and global citizens.




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Meghana was highly influenced by her mother from the very childhood through her mother’s childhood stories and when she turned seventeen, she called it the day to start her own envisioned organization and MTWW was born.

These four girls have represented India and their organization nationally as well as internationally, including the Youth Assembly at the United Nations, New York. She was one among five delegates from India at the Youth Empowerment Asia Pacific Future Leaders Conference held in Malaysia. 

The world needs more of such empowered young men and women, visionaries, who are touching the lives of many by lending them a helping hand.



Blog By Chithra Prabhakaran

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