How to plan an Antarctic Expedition
Blog By Chithra Prabhakaran | Aug 10 2018

The most pristine wilderness on Earth can be found in the magical land called Antarctica. It is purely magical because the place looks like something out of a fairy tale. The landscape comprises mainly of towering icebergs, glaciers and huge fields of ice. Antarctica is also the driest, windiest, and highest continent on Earth.

How can we not love penguins? Antarctica is known as the land of the penguins: all types of them are seen there, all shapes, sizes and colours, from the magnificent King Penguins to pebble-collecting Adelie’s. You will also encounter whales including great humpbacks, Southern Right and Orca whales, to name a few, within the Antarctic waters.

A lot of things have to be taken into account if you are planning a trip to Antarctica since there is a particular season when you can go because the wilderness and the weather will differ in different months.

Firstly it is safer to take travel insurance with emergency evacuation cover to help protect you against unplanned changes that may result from sickness, accident, loss of baggage and personal belongings.

Anyone who is reasonably fit and healthy can make the journey but it is advisable to get a checkup done by a doctor since the Antarctic terrains can be a little harsh for some people.

Most Antarctic expeditions depart and finish in small towns or cities in Chile or Argentina in South America.

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Most travelers visit Antarctica by means of a cruise ship or traveling on one of the small sailing or motor vessels. The most common trips available are small ship expeditions, but there are luxury cruises too offering better accommodation and cuisine but they come at a price. They offer different varieties of enjoyment based on the levels of comfort, the viewing possibilities and extra activities offered to enhance your journey.

No documentation or visas are required to visit Antarctica, but if your cruise stops off at other countries en route, visas and documentation may be required for them.

The weather is going to be unpredictable there and you should make sure you are all geared up well with suitable clothing and also prepared mentally to withstand any harsh conditions on the ship or on land.

To ensure you stay comfortable and warm during your expedition carry suitable warm clothing like wool or silk. A waterproof jacket is important and also be sure to wear a cap, beanie or balaclava. Similarly, woollen gloves, socks, gumboots etc are necessary.

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Blog By Chithra Prabhakaran

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