Dr. Maharani Chakravorty – One of India’s finest scientists
Blog By Chithra Prabhakaran | Jul 29 2018

A lover of science and mathematics, Dr. Maharani Chakravorty was an Indian molecular biologist. Born in Kolkata in 1937, she was greatly inspired by her grandfather who used to narrate to her various scientific discoveries, which brought her closer to the love for science. After completing graduation in Bsc. from Presidency College, Kolkata, she obtained her masters from the University of Calcutta.  

Her husband Dr. Debi Prasad Burma was a fellow scientist at Bose Institute, Kolkata, from where she obtained her doctorate on microbial protein synthesis. He was Maharani’s mentor and under his guidance she was able to pursue her study in science.

Her first son was born while she was doing her postdoctoral training in enzyme chemistry in the laboratory of B.L. Horecker at the New York University School of Medicine. But her ambitious nature helped her to manage her motherly duties quite well, along with her laboratory work.

After her post-doctoral studies in the USA, she returned to the Bose Institute in Kolkata.



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In 1967, she became the first Indian to be trained in the DNA-RNA hybridization technique at an International Cell Research Organisation (ICRO)-organized course at Naples. She achieved this feat while going through her second pregnancy.

Among her many accolades, she also received the Professor Darshan Ranganathan Memorial Award in 2007. She died in 2015 and is survived by two children.

Dr. Maharani Chakravorty is a woman who has achieved so much in her life, even under adverse circumstances, due to her strong will and ambitious nature, and also due to a very supportive husband.



Blog By Chithra Prabhakaran

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