Arpita Ganesh –A Self-taught entrepreneur who gifted Indian women ‘Buttercups’
Blog By Chithra Prabhakaran | Sep 13 2018

Today’s women know what they want and they believe they deserve the best. They have the knowledge and the confidence that was missing in the women of the older eras. Technology has facilitated a lot in empowering women, giving them a chance to prove themselves. Arpita Ganesh is the best example of a woman empowered through digital media. She brilliantly used social media marketing to bring ‘Buttercups” to life.

Now, what is Buttercups you may ask? No, it is not a special flavoured cupcake, (you wish). Buttercups is India’s leading online lingerie store whose USP is customization. Arpita Ganesh is the founder and CEO of Buttercups which caters to the most intimate requirements of the modern Indian woman, who is now ready to break the myths and societal norms surrounding the simple brassiere.

Arpita realized the Indian lingerie market’s deficiency when she visited a New York store and came across the concept of bra-fitting. She found that there were at least 100 sizes to choose from in the US when compared to the 20 sizes available in the Indian market. This led her to open a retail outlet in Hyderabad in India, which had to be shut down as it was not profitable.


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Later on, Arpita’s technology-savvy nature and her conviction in online shopping led her to utilize online marketing as a tool to market her products and thus, her brand Buttercups came to life. Buttercups provides customized lingerie to suit every woman and her unique requirements. Arpita believes that every woman should be comfortable in her body and a well-fitted bra only adds to her confidence.

Arpita Ganesh grew her brand using technology and became the recipient of the award for Woman Business Leader in 2017.

Buttercups has changed the way women perceived themselves and their bodies. Arpita Ganesh’s infectious drive led her to be an inspiration for all the budding entrepreneurs out there and she goes by the saying ‘If there is a will, there is a way’.

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Blog By Chithra Prabhakaran

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