Adalia Rose – The cheerful little diva who is an inspiration to the world
Blog By Chithra Prabhakaran | Sep 22 2018

Life is full of surprises. Sometimes it’s good, but sometimes, it’s so bad that we may be asking ourselves ‘why me’? But a little girl, just 11 years old, is showing the world how to live with a fatal life-changing disease, with a smile on her face, and she’s owning it like a boss.

Have you heard of Adalia Rose, the 11-year-old, afflicted with a premature ageing disease called Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome (HGPS), commonly known as Progeria? Children suffering from ‘Progeria’ are born healthy but they start to show signs of ageing after 24 months of age. Soon they take on the appearance of a very old person and their average life expectancy is limited to 13 years. Only about a hundred children all over the world have this disease.

Adalia became an American social media star in 2012 after her mother launched a Facebook page and a personal website called ‘The Rosebud Shop’ for her in order to keep in touch with her friends and family members. 

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Her love for life is proved by the very fact that she lives her life like any other girl her age, and she loves to upload videos of her singing and dancing on her website. She has a lot of fan following on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The proceeds from her videos are given to help other children afflicted by Progeria.

Her parents have been her pillars of strength from day one and they are giving her the courage to smile even during this time of adversity; even though they know that her days are numbered. 

Her cheerful and happy nature is due to the fact that Adalia’s family is very supportive, and together they are proving to the world that with love and a little bit of care, we all can bring about significant changes in a person’s life, no matter how small.

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Blog By Chithra Prabhakaran

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