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A girl’s experiences in life give new insight

A girl’s shares her experiences in keeping up to the society’s standards of being fair and beautiful and the insecurities in the name of skin colour she has had to endure. Living in Mumbai with her undue and pretty life history shares her unique story through the social media. Her inn.....

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The Real Marigold Hotel, a different story

Selina Scott undertook a BBC project ‘The Real Marigold Story’, living a month in an old haveli townhouse in Udaipur, Rajasthan, along with 9 other Britishers. They were acclimatised in Mumbai in the drenching monsoons before going to Udaipur. The shock made them realise India is a ka.....

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A foster mother's nightmare.

In the story, a foster mother narrates her nightmare of having to deal with being parted from her foster child,Buttons.She feels that many foster homes are not a pleasant experience for the children,but she wanted to be different,and if the biological mother ever returned , she would return the c.....

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A train journey that formed a remarkable connection

Cancer affects us in ways unimaginable. A stylish European lady in her 40s entered an compartment otherwise empty except for another lady. These ladies talked and developed a connection otherwise unusual; talking about her cancer, her treatment and her family, and how they are dealing with it; ev.....

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Father breastfeeds his new-born daughter

Maxamillian Neubauer shared photos of him feeding his new-born daughter. His wife April could not breastfeed their daughter due to a complicated C-section. Following an advice from the nurses, Maxamillian breastfed his daughter using makeshift supplemental nursing system. Breastfeeding right afte.....

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Getting genetic tests to strike out cancer

A breast cancer survivor writes about her dilemma of genetic testing. Since cancer does not get completely cured, a nagging doubt about genetic clues for cancer made her finally get her DNA tested. If genetic mutations are present, she was advised to get scanned every six months in between her ye.....

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Stepping back for others to have their own moment

When Martella was asked to leave the labour room of her daughter, she did not get angry or annoyed that she was shut out of the actual birth; she took it in her stride. She went home and prepared freezer meals and cleaned up the kitchen. By stepping back, to let her family have their own moment, .....

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How to teach a daughter self-love & confidence

World is a challenging place for the female and bringing another female into this world and raising her into a woman who loves and values herself no matter what her choices might be is tough. Parents needs to stop body bashing her and making her feel bad about her body. Reinforce her character an.....


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